July 23rd, 2005

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Jeff's been hankering for orange chicken lately, so we got the Top Secret Recipes cookbook out of the library, which had a recipe for Panda Express orange chicken. I'm too lazy to type up the whole thing right now, and they don't have the whole recipe on their website. It turned out well, and satisfied the craving pretty well. The sauce was a touch too sweet for me. I need to buy a kitchen thermometer, since I have no idea how hot the oil was. Also, I discovered that not being able to see the chicken as it's cooking is unnerving for someone who's paranoid about cooking chicken. Really, the whole deep-frying thing, while tasty, is a pain in the ass, hot and messy. Next time around, I'll bread and bake the chicken. It won't be quite the same dish, but it'll be 10 times easier. However, it is nice to know how to make properly breaded chicken. So, overall, a lot of work, but yum.
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It's forecast to be 100 on Monday, 101 on Tuesday, and 102 on Wednesday. Not heat-index-100, but real 100, which means the heat index is going to run more like 110. I'm not sure I've ever seen a 3 digit forecast here (I'm sure it's happened, but I've never seen it.) *whimper*

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Things that all converge to make for a very good day:

  • scrambled eggs and bacon and biscuits for breakfast
  • lots and lots of Next Gen
  • reading
  • lots of knitting
  • the swimming pool being completely empty (save two sunbathers) and being able to go swimming for almost an hour
  • naps
  • salad for lunch
  • good dinner
  • lots and lots of tea
  • bubble baths and more reading
  • logic puzzles

It's been a nice day. Goodnight, moon.