July 13th, 2005

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Dear little children that are attending NCSU:

1. Logout of your computer. It's not hard to remember, and you really, really want to, lest someone besides your friendly neighborhood TA notices that you're still logged in.

2. Why do so many of you have your keys and your IDs on the same ring? Besides the fact that it makes it a bitch to scan your ID in the cardreader, if you lose the keychain, then someone can pick it up, look you up in the student directory, and have keys to your house. (Note to all potential stalkers: don't bother, I have a directory block.) This is not wise.



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I need another project going like I need a hole in the head, but I think I'm going to start a poncho for myself. They're horrible and frumpy and all that, but come fall - which will eventually get here, even if it's hard to believe from the temperatures now - it'll also be nice and comfy and useful. So. I just have to decide what to make it out of, because the goal is to not buy any yarn for it. I have some stuff that I think will work just fine, though.

I also have a skein of boucle that is just screaming to be turned into a baby hat. :)
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Am I the only one amongst my friends list who reads the J.D. Robb books? I'm not sure... anyhow, if I'm not, then the next one, Origin in Death, is out. My copy is waiting for me at the library to pick up tomorrow. Woot. :)

I need to start the book club book for this month, too. Guess I know what I'm taking with me to read this weekend.
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