July 12th, 2005

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Hot, tired, cranky. When we go out to run errands, I need to start taking both the 16 ounce and the 32 ounce Nalgenes with me, because I'm done with the small one before we've been out for more than five minutes, and then I end up dehydrated and cranky.

I'm having major scooter lust lately. A scooter would get me mobile, and would be cheaper than a second car (and we really don't need to be a two-car family right now, anyhow) (not that I have the money for a scooter right now either, but.) However, in North Carolina, you have to have a motorcyle license for anything that goes over 20 30 miles per hour. I don't know if you need a driver's license to get a motorcycle license (though I guess I could check the DMV's website) It says, "The law in North Carolina requires the operator of any motorcycle to have a motorcycle endorsement shown on their driver's license." Which means I still have to relearn how to drive a car before I could get a motorcyle license and get a scooter. *sigh*

Jeff and I spent awhile kvetching at each other on the drive back from running errands to dropping me off at work about the traffic, about all the vehicles that were going by with one damn person in them, about the lack of good alternatives for people to use, and about how there aren't going to be good alternatives until people start using them but noone's going to use them until they're there. Gnar.

On the plus side, we're going camping this weekend. Just a little one-night shakedown trip, since we've never been camping together before. Which is why we were out running errands, because while Jeff already has the big stuff, like the tent and the stove, we were missing a couple of small but important things, like, oh, tent stakes.

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I have the most wonderfulest boyfriend in the world. I called him up, told him i was getting off work early, and that having a glass of wine and dinner ready might be greatly appreciated. :) And I walked in the door, and verily, there was wine and dinner waiting. Oh, but I'm a lucky girl.