July 10th, 2005

food, cooking

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I just had part of one of my dad's tomatoes cut up on a sandwich for breakfast. Ohmygosh, so good. Juicy, flavorful, ripe. crimmycat, don't hate me. :)

The rest is chopped up with some bits of bread and some olive oil and waiting in the fridge for lunch. Num.

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Our AC is freezing up (literally, it's a big fucking block of ice right now.) It did this last summer, too, and the maintenance guys came out and laid hands on it and did something, and it didn't do it again until this weekend. So I'll call maintenance tomorrow and they should be able to come out and fix it. In the meantime, though, it's really damned hot in here (yes, I like it was. 88 inside is a bit much for me, though.) However, the library has AC, and it's open for awhile longer...