July 6th, 2005

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solcita, I don't see how you get up at hours like this for work all the time.

And, of course, the other problem with having to be up early is that I'm worried about not waking up in time, so I can't relax, so I toss and turn. At least I didn't have a dream about being late.

There is so a nap in my future today.

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I braved the rowing machine at the gym today. I'd been avoiding them, out of fear of doing something stupid, but there were about 2 other people around today when I was exercising, and so it was as good a time as any. I rapidly discovered that there's not a whole lot to it - push back with your legs and pull with your arms - and that it's really, really good exercise. Rawr. :)

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The word for the day is punchy. I got home and got a short nap, but I was feeling pretty silly when we were running errands. I got some Gaterade while Jeff was in the post office - it does me as much good, or more, than caffiene when I'm seriously crazy sleep deped - and it seems to be helping. I'm tutoring until nine (and it turns out I get two students to tutor for research methods, not one, this session, which makes me very happy), and then I'm going to go home and eat turkey and mashed potatoes for dinner, and hopefully the big meal and the lack of sleep last night will knock me on my ass, because I have to be back at work at 6am tomorrow. Oy.

I'm hanging out with Tonya tomorrow afternoon and having lunch with Jessie and Daniel Friday and my sisters are coming down to visit Friday night and Jeff's got work Saturday. It's shaping up to be a busy end of the week. :)