July 4th, 2005

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It is way, way past my bedtime. But I'm sitting up to watch a camera hit a comet. Hopefully it'll be worth it.

I'm not coordinated enough at this hour to knit. =/ I think yahoo games are going to have to be the answer.
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Mmmm, fresh out of the oven banana muffins. :) They're a lot better than the last batch; I didn't go so heavy handed on the spices.

The theme for today is avoiding humanity. We have errands we should run, but they'll wait until tomorrow. It would take quite a lot to convince me to enter a grocery store or similar establisment today. I'm getting grumpy in my old age. :) We're going to have hot dogs for dinner, clean house (I can see my desk again, horray. Why is it so much easier to let it get messy than to just keep it clean) and maybe watch a Star Trek movie or two.

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I know that people in our apartment complex were going to be setting off fireworks tonight, and the idea was making me nervous, because I have this irrational nervousness about, you know, fire and drunk people. But it got dark and people started them up and we wandered outside, and there didn't seem to be drunk people - most of the people setting them off were kids with adults watching - and nothing was catching fire, and I relaxed and watched and talked to my Jeff, and it was awfully pretty.

(Now, in a repeat of New Year's Eve, someone fairly close [but thankfully not in our parking lot, unlike NYE] is shooting off a gun. Meh.)

I may abhor the current administration, but this country still isn't a bad place to be, and it'll get better. I have faith that it will. Happy birthday to us.