July 3rd, 2005

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We went and saw The Interpreter at Blue Ridge (dear Blue Ridge: never ever ever ever close again, please?) (for those of you who have recently joined our home audience, Blue Ridge is the local second run theater. $1.50, every seat, every show. They were closed for renovations for months.) It was really, really good. The trailer makes it look like your normal actiony-spy-film, but it's really more of a drama about grief and home that happens to be filmed against a backdrop of a possible assassination. Go see it, if it's still playing where you're at, or get it on Netflix. It was really good stuff. Nicole Kidman and Sean Penn are hot, too. :) I really liked how she was dressed in this movie - smart-preppy-casual. One of these days, if I ever start dressing like an adult, I wouldn't mind looking like that.

Locals: Hitchhikers and Sin City are both at Blue Ridge. Num. :)

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I finished the first square of my cousin's blanket. Woot. :)

I want it to be seven foot by seven foot. The square is about 12.5 inches across. With a 4 inch blanket and allowing for sewing the squares together, I need it to be 6 squares by 6 squares. So... only 35 more of these bad boys to go. Wheee. :)