June 25th, 2005

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So, many many ages ago, gwenifyre loaned me a Kaplan GRE test prep book, so I could study for my GREs. When I first got the book and cd from her, I took the diagnostic test without studying and got a 470 on the math and a 420 on the verbal, which I was pretty unhappy with. Well, I finally got off my ass and actually did quite a bit of studying this week, and I took another practice test this morning (just the math part) and bumped up my math score to a 680. That's more like it. :) I still have gobs of studying to do, though. The biggest things I've noticed so far are that I have to watch my time and not get stuck on any one problem, and I've got to read the directions completely. I need to sit down and run through a full practice test a few more times, too, so I can get used to the idea of taking a three hour test on the computer in one chunk.

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Yesterday: Jeff went to work in the morning. I got up, did some GRE studying and did some knitting. Jeff came home and went to bed, since he'd gotten something like three hours of sleep the night before. Eventually, he got up, we got some lunch, we went to the post office to ship off things we'd sold on Amazon, he dropped me off at work. I worked out then went on duty. We had a quiet night - no hellacious patrons, no calls to campus police for the EMTs, none of that. I'm not sure how we got that lucky. I got home, we did quesidillas for dinner, and we watched the first half of Star Wars, since I hadn't seen it since it was re-released. We quit when I started falling asleep.

Today: More reading, more knitting, more GREing. Finished Star Wars. Went over to the house of virtual and virtual_spouse, where there was grilled chicken and veggies and salad for dinner, and margaritas and Fluxx and Uno for entertainment. Very, very nice evening. I'm a lucky girl in my friends.