June 23rd, 2005

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My schedule is filled with crack next summer session. I crowed about not having to close a little too quickly; I'm going to be tutoring 8 to 930 in the morning Monday through Friday... and 6 to 9 at night, Monday through Wednesday. This is going to make Monday and Wednesday, when I open at the gym, very very long days. Naps will be my friend.

The good thing is, it's only for four weeks (I won't be on a full tutoring schedule until the second weeks of class) and I get to tutor research methods again, which I love, and I get to do drop in hours, which means variety, which will be nice. And the bottom line is that it's hours and money, no matter how jacked my schedule is.
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Dude. xXx: State of the Union is at Blue Ridge. I know what I'm asking Jeff to do this weekend... :)

And actually, The Interpreter looks like fun, and so does Mind Hunters, and so did Kingdom of Heaven.

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It was a good evening. Tonya and George came over, and we got pizza (mmm, Gumby's) and I made salad and we snarked watched Armageddon. I haven't been social enough lately, and it was very nice to see them.

As an added bonus, Jeff is home early enough that I get to see him before we go to bed. However, he's got to be up at six, so bed should be very soon impending.