June 22nd, 2005

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For those who care about such things, the new Stephanie Plum book is out; my copy is waiting at the library. No, the characters aren't going anywhere, and Stephanie is never going to grow up. But they're fun enough that I'm willing to ignore that.

On a side note, this being able to reserve new books at the library things (finally!) is really lovely.
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Dinner tonight: eggs flourentine, or baked eggs with spinach. I've never had baked eggs before, and they're tasty, and it was very easy. I overshot them just a touch, though - they're more hard than creamy. Next time I'll make sure I'm standing right beside the toaster oven when the time goes off. And they could have benefited from some cream, if we had any in the house. Other than that, they're very tasty and a nice late night dinner.

One of the 800 reasons I'm glad I don't have closes next summer session: I won't be eating dinner at 10 at night.