June 21st, 2005

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Amazingly, I got in and out of the DMV in ten minutes flat. I have a new learner's permit with my actual address on it and a picture of me with hair. :) With any luck, by the time this one runs out, I'll be ready to get a real live license.

I have the stuff for salsa, and a house that needs to be cleaned. I think it's time to go put on some music, cook a lot, and clean the house. Whee. :)
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Best Salsa Ever

... or, at least, one of the best ever. One of my aunts and uncles brought this to a family dinner many years ago, and I've been hooked ever since, I just haven't bothered lately, since someone (ahem) doesn't eat tomatoes. But with tomato season impending, I'll probably start keeping a batch made up and eating salsa on everything.

- Tomatos. Four medium sized ones will make up a decent sized bowl of salsa
- green onions
- black olives

Chop all of the above, as small or as large as you like. Add a good drizzle of olive oil - just enough to get the salsa a little liquidly - and add salt, pepper, and garlic powder to taste. Give it a good stir and stick it in the fridge for a couple hours to let the flavors meld.

That's it. And it's so damned good. :) It's only as good as your tomatoes, though. Unfortunately, the ones I got today smelled better than they tasted, but they were still pretty good.
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