June 20th, 2005

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Star Wars was much better than I expected. It was incredibly pretty, there was actually some substance to the plot, and the fight scenes were fun. And the new theater at North Hills is really, really nice. Yay for free movie tickets.

I really, really want to be off work. I badly need food, caffiene, and to run across campus to financial aid, somewhere in that order.
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A long while back, I thought I might try to read some of Mr. Terry Prachett's works, as I'd read Good Omens and loved it. I don't even remember which book I tried to read, but I couldn't get into it at all. I don't read much high fantasy, and if it doesn't grab me pretty quickly, then I don't bother.

Well, over on the book club the other week, warsop mentioned Terry Prachett. I asked if she might be willing to provide a list of books of his than aren't part of a series and would stand on their own. She did, and that is how I ended up checking out Going Postal, which I've just finished, and which was just amazing. I think I'm converted. Now I have to figure out what of his to read next. :)