June 17th, 2005

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Dear Payroll Gods:

I turned in direct deposit forms not once, but twice. Please, for the love of Bob, let there be money in my account tomorrow today so that I don't have to go chasing all over bloody campus to find my check. Please. :)


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Amazon says that the next S.M. Stirling book will be out on September 6th. Woot. :)

Of course, I've had a copy of the Peshwar Lancers out out the library for weeks. Have I cracked it? No. I'm not sure why, either, because I know I'm going to like it. Maybe I'll fix that this weekend.
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We stopped at the store before dropping me off at work to get honey so that we could make terriyaki tonight. We also needed fruit. I saw a big display of snap beans (one of the very few kinds of beans I eat) and my body reached up and said "GIMME." So I got some. (I'm steamed them up with dinner, incidentally, and damn, they're good.) This was on the tails of an incident this afternoon whereupon I fed my body a pizza quesidilla and ice cream for lunch, and it demanded a nap, right then, no questions asked. As Jeff said "Fat is not one of the food groups." The point? I've got to start remembering that eating well is not a one day thing or a two day thing or a one week thing. Eating well is an all the time thing, and I've got to get better about that.