June 10th, 2005

Friday nights at the gym

I have no idea who first thought of putting some cheese between two tortillas and slapping it on a grill for a few minutes, but I am forever grateful.

Tonight wasn't too bad. The high points:

  • The guy who tried to argue with me at length that his buddie's card should work - while all the while, the buddie is telling him not to worry about it - ending with the guy saying "Well, I'm going to go talk to someone!" and marching off. I didn't hear anything more about it.
  • The girl who gave me shit about her card not working, when I tried telling her how to go get it fixed, brushed me off, saying "I know, I used to work here."
  • Getting to call campus police for the first time, so they could send out EMTs. Luckily, it wasn't too bad; they carted the guy off to get stitches. And I didn't have to deal with the blood.

dude, this is so cool

It took three tries and a year to learn how to knit in the first place. The third time, I just kind of picked up the needles and went. Whatever Ginger, Jillie, and Anjela had been trying to show me finally sunk in, and I was puzzled as to why I'd ever had problems in the first place.

The first time I tried to make something on dpns was a few months ago. I got really annoyed, and the dpns have been living in a plastic cup on my desk ever since. Until tonight. I have a quarter inch of stockinette hanging off of them. And it's not a mobius strip! :) It looks like ass, but well.

Verily, I am pleased. I shall have to haul out the sock yarn. Tomorrow. (Though, actually, before I try sock, I think I should start with armwarmers.) Who knows? Maybe lace will be next.