May 21st, 2005

talent, pure talent

I sent out an email mildly crowing about the fact that I don't have to be at work early on Friday... and then, two seconds after hitting send, i remembered that I volunteered to be at work at 745 on Friday morning, partly to make up on the hours that I'm missing over Memorial Day. Whoops.

Then again, it's baby-sitting a computer lab. You only have to be so awake for that in the first place...

(no subject)

We went for an hour long walk today, and yesterday. Thursday, we went swimming. My legs are saying "hello, how's it going." They'd better get used to it, though; starting tomorrow, it's back to walking the round trip to school, plus back to the gym. And I have no homework this summer, so there's no excuse for not going.

(no subject)

Jeni and Huxley invited us over for applying flames to meat, so we went over, hung out with them and another friend of theirs, grilled copious amounts of food, chattered about this and that, loved on the kitties, got the kitties high, played with the laser pointer. It was a fun evening.

Tired now.