May 6th, 2005

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my stats exam was easy, straightforward, and had no surprises. i can't complain. it ended up taking me longer than expected, because i double-checked all my math at least twice, and i'm glad i did, because i made some stupid mistakes the first go-around, including a carbon copy of a stupid mistake i made on one of the tests.

it's miserable outside - 48 degrees and pissing rain. i got home to a wonderful boyfriend who had just made coffee. i'm going to spend the rest of the day in my pjs being a sloth. we have no plans for tomorrow. Sunday, we're headed up to my parents for a mother's day cookout. the real world can hang until Monday. :)

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in case anyone ever wonder, Homespun is not the yarn for a multi-directional scarf (at least, not if you're going to use the same color yarn all the way through). the varigations are too small and regular for the stripes to show, and it's bumpy enough that the triangles get eaten. which, i should have known, but i'd hoped.


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we're just this side of tipsy. (actually, i think Jeff is the other side of tipsy.) yay for lazy Friday evenings.

my Friday evenings are going to get a little less lazy in a couple weeks, since i'm scheduled on 6 to 9 Friday nights on at the gym for first summer session. i'm new kid on the totem pole, so i knew i was going to get at least one weekend shift, and i'd much rather it be Friday nights than Saturday or Sunday. getting off work at nine still allows plenty of time for doing something with my evening, especially if i don't have to be up the next morning. and i won't be having to trade shifts all summer if i want to go home or something on a Saturday or Sunday. color me pleased.

my boss at the computer lab emailed us and said that due to some schedule changes this morning (read, people found better jobs for the summer), she's having to do the schedule again. the good thing is, we should all be getting more hours than expected out of it. i'm pleased; it pays better than the gym.

now if just one of the other parttime things i've put in would call me back... i didn't go by the bookstore, but they did have it cashiering in the bookstore up on State's website under temp services, so i submitted myself for that. the electronic age makes this all a lot easier, but slightly disconcertingly impersonal.

space geeks: once i know what my schedule for the summer is going to be like (since i'm the one who's likely to have the most random work schedule this summer), do we want to resume our activities? maybe every other week, since summer is usually busy?