May 4th, 2005

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i'd finally hit the "if i keep staring at my work i'm going to go daft" stage of the game, so even though i have too much due tomorrow, i drafted Tonya to help distract me. :) we got Subway for lunch, and we sat outside and ate it, and then, oh, darn, we happened to be right next to the Cook-out, so i got a milkshake. num. :) we came home and chattered and knitted - thanks to her, i now know how to knit into the front and the back of the stitch and how to do short rows. the multi-directional scarf will be mine. :)

oh, and in the everything-happening-today scheme, i finally got my schedule from the gym for summer 1. so that's a relief. however, that doesn't start until may 23rd, so i need to find something to make some money for the next couple of weeks. i should stick my head into the bookstore tomorrow or Friday; i bet they need help right now.

now, though, i need to get on the stick and finish this paper that's due tomorrow. i'm meeting Jeff at Golden Dragon for dinner here in a bit, and then the rest of the night is homework...
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y'all know that point in writing a paper when you become so tired of looking at the paper that you're convinced it's crap, all crap, and that you're never going to get through it and the prof's going to hate it?


[edit:] done. done done done done done done.

well, until tomorrow, when i have to give it another look through before i turn it in and see how many places i repeated myself and said dumb things.

[edit 2:] sociology project done and printed. 29 pages. so many trees have died in the name of my soc grade. =p