May 3rd, 2005

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i was kvetching in Jillie's journal yesterday about being lazy and not wanting to leave my house. but i had to go to the post office to mail a CD i'd sold, so i i packed up the laptop and camped out in the library for awhile, and finished my history essay. woooooot. that's two down. :) i tried to work on answers to my Islam essay questions, but concentration was fading rapidly, so i packed up again, went to the post office, and came home. getting out of the house for a bit was good.

now i've had lunch, and my religion and politics final is looming.
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this is why we let our writing sit for a couple hours/days and then go back and proofread:

The Muslim Brotherhood assassinated the Prime Minister in 1948, in return, the founder of the Brotherhood was founded in 1949.

Religion in public life is a hotly debated issue in American public life today.