April 7th, 2005



i realized something today: i can touch type rougly 65 wpm (it would be faster if i didn't get ahead of myself and leave out letters that i have to go back and fix) but i couldn't fill out a diagram of a keyboard if i had to. i can recite, chant, and sing the entire Lutheran liturgy (never mind that i've been in a Lutheran church once in the last, um, three years?) without a hymnal, but only if prompted. heh.

anyone have any other examples of odd ways that memory, especially ingrained memory, works?
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i decided to put down the research paper of doom for the night and instead, do other things. and got a lot of other work done. are any of us surprised? no, probably not.

i have, however, run out of steam on homework. which means i'm going to go knit. oh, darn.