March 28th, 2005

(no subject)

class today? the fire alarm in Harrelson still works. while i am glad it works, just in case something ever does catch fire in that building (considering that none of the classrooms have windows, and all have one door, i fear if there ever is a fire in that building; though, i'm not sure there is anything in there to catch on fire) my history teacher was less than amused. for that matter, neither was i... once i'm in class, i'd just as soon stay there and get through the material. i'm glad i only have one class in the big round building of doom next semester.

this morning, the weather was crappy, with nickel-sized hail falling around 7:30. it'd cleared up by the time it was time for me to leave for class around 8:15, and the sun was even coming out, so i got to walk. by the time we got busted out of class, it was warming up; by the time i got out of they gym, it was sunny and warm and gorgeous. now it's cloudy and crappy again, but at least it's not hailing. ah, spring. :) it's supposed to be 79 by the end of the week.

i've gotten out 8 pages of my sociology project in the last couple hours, between lj breaks. i'm pretty pleased with that.