March 25th, 2005

talent, pure talent

in the last twenty-four hours i have managed to spill tea down the front of a white t-shirt by missing my mouth, create a minor flood in the kitchen by spilling water out of an overflowing bowl in the sink (twice, same bowl), and shake the bottle of diet coke while putting the cap back on, such that i got coke on my skirt (however, i did manage to miss the white t-shirt this time.) sheesh.

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we braved the Blue Ridge opening today, going to the 1:00 showing of National Treasure. since it was the first showing of the day, it wasn't too crowded. the theater was clean and nice, and gone are the surly college student employees. it was very surreal for a Blue Ridge experience.

the movie? it was great big huge fun. i was pretty skeptical, i have to admit - the premise sounded sketchy. but they actually made it work. the heroine was hot, but smart, witty, and non-fussy. Nick Cage was cute. there was a fair amount of geekiness going on. i may well have a new favorite Nicholas Cage action movie, and he's got some good ones.

beforehand, we did lunch at Golden Dragon. i had hot and sour soup in honor of the clouds that were hanging around. after we came out of the theater, the sun had come out, and now it's simply glorious out there again. i love spring.

we tried to go to the library, but it was closed. feh. you'd think that i could remember, since i didn't have school today.

i should do homework, but all i really want to do is laze in my living room and knit. le sigh. :)