March 21st, 2005

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point 1: the fire alarm in Harrelson is really damned loud.
point 2: my history teacher is funny. "what? you all really have to leave class?"
point 3: i and a couple of other folks came back to class after the fire alarm. the teacher did not.

stats was cancelled this morning, but like a good girl, i went to campus to go to history. besides, we had homework to turn in, and i got in my gym trip when i would have normally been in stats, so it wasn't a completely wasted morning. however, i did spend more time walking to and from campus today than i did in class. i'm amused. :)

my history prof also told us today that, thus far, she was "less than dazzled" by our essays that we turned in last week. i'm not sure i've ever had a prof use the word dazzled in conjunction with discussing grades.

it's flipping gorgeous out there today. just gorgeous. i need to poke at my Islam paper that's due tomorrow, and Jeff is making noises about going for a walk... :)
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woot. Islam paper done. it's a touch ranty, but i think that'll go over with this prof. i just need to read it one more time later on to make sure it makes sense.

heh. that makes me done with homwork for the week. =p i need to jump on next week, though, because otherwise April is going to suck.