March 14th, 2005

food, cooking

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we made turkey salad the other night, which left us with half a turkey breast looking for a use. so tonight it's mashed potatoes, gravy, and turkey for dinner. :) it's damned good too, even if i'm never really happy with my mashed potatoes. there's a cheesecake waiting in the fridge for dessert tonight (and tomorrow, and the next night...)

i'm about studied out for my sociology test tomorrow, but i'm going to try to study a little while longer. my sociology paper is ready to be printed out. i have 2343 pdfs on my computer for this paper, and really should start naming them something more descriptive than "schoolprayer1.pdf" so that when i'm hunting for one to add something to my papers, it doesn't take forever. and i got to start my history essay from scratch, since the first draft was veering off into some incomprehensible. at least i can cut and paste from the first one.

heh. i'm a bundle of excitement. really. :)