March 12th, 2005

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i've finally hit the homework wall. i've been a bit whiny about homework off and on this semester, but never really badly, and i've been able to settle down and get it done pretty easily. not this week. this week, it's been pulling teeth to make myself do work. and now it's Saturday, and it needs to get done. and it will, but that doesn't stop me from being antsy. meh. i hope i get over this, and quick.

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so after my whining this morning, i settled down and got some homework done - including getting my sociology project revised, huzzah, and fighting with my computer and my printer to print out my religion and politics readings. i was antsy to get out of the house, so we went over to Triangle Town and did some window shopping, mostly over camping gear, since we're hoping to do some camping this summer. it was nice to get out, and the weather today was gorgeous... so it was a nice afternoon.

to top it off, i got a present in the mail today. Progress Energy sent me my deposit check. i put the deposit down last spring when we moved in, since i had the cash, and since it was twice the average power bill, it was a fairly sizable sum. add into that the fact that they've been paying eight percent interest on it for the last year... woot. :)

too bad i'm not planning on doing anything much more interesting with it than paying bills. if i were smart, i would put it towards paying off my credit card. or putting it towards a small secured credit card, so i start working on fixing my really, really broken credit. hrms..

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oh, and the study guide for my sociology test on Tuesday? i'm at 13 pages, and that's just the stuff from one text. i haven't gotten to my notes or the other text yet.

the other text is the one written by the prof. the last class session, he holds up textbook #1 and his book, and says "so, schutt and i disagree in some places. i'm sure you can guess which one you need to go with when they do disagree." so now i need to wade through and figure out where my professor contradicts my other textbook. wheee. :)