March 3rd, 2005

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mid-term one down. it wasn't too bad. i nailed three questions, did pretty well on the fourth, and kind of muffed the fifth a bit, but it should be allright. you can only get so detailed in that many short answers in that short a time.

my arm is going to be really killing me by the time i write a second mid-term this afternoon. ouch.

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so Islam midterm went all right, though he did manage to pick the essays i was less prepared to answer. oh well. :) i completely didn't know one of the vocabulary terms, which kind of sucks. i'm thinking a B, depending on how complete he thinks my essays are, which i won't cry over. :) my arm, predictably, was not happy by the time i was done - but i don't have to write that much in a day all that often, so it's all right. after my test, i went by student health and picked up a rather scary amount of meds, including some pretty expensive allergy spray and some very cheap Claritin. and my thyroid meds were as much for two months as they normally are for a month - yay for being a student. then i got all the way to the library before realizing i'd left my water bottle at student health. at least i got my exercise for the day. :)

the rest of the afternoon was a lecture by my religion and politics professor on the reasearch he's doing on certain segments of evangelical Christianity and their culture of fear. it was really interesting, even though he really tried to get too much stuff into that short a talk. about half my relgion and politics class was there, and the room was stuffed to the brims.

and now i'm home, and in my pjs, and life is good. spring break might as well have started - i have stats tomorrow, but that's it. pity i have so much homework to do this coming week....
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this evening's moment of fooded bliss: barley salad with olives, spinach, and artichoke hearts, and grape tomatoes, slightly warmed, with leftover terriyaki chicken and cucumbers, and shaved parmaeson. so very good. :) noted so i can remember to make it again.
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