March 2nd, 2005

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it is apparently agriculture promotion week; they had cows on display on the brickyard this morning. let me tell you, those were some pissed off cows. :)

my stats teacher gave our normal Friday quiz today, prompting someone to ask, "are we having class on Friday?" to which she said "yes, we're having class on Friday! i have class at 805. i'll be awake. yes, we're having class."

meanwhile, my history teacher managed to mischedule a flight out on Friday, (well, according to her, "they" did it) and thus, is cancelling class. i'm amused. :)

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we had to have our sociology project ready today so that we could do peer evaluations in lab. i normally hate this kind of stuff, and it wasn't exactly fun, but it was useful and my group caught a couple of things i'd messed up. the best part? after the professor has spent most of the last couple of classes taunting us with the idea that the revisions might be due this week, it's not due until the tuesday after spring break. and my revisions are minor. bliss. :)

i have my religion midterms tomorrow, both of them. i'm a little bit worried but not badly worried... i mostly know the stuff, even if the details - like who was born where - are a little shaky. i'm going to study for awhile longer, do something fun, and get a good night's sleep, which is probably the best way to prepare, at this point.

i am really, really ready for it to be spring break. boy howdy, am i ever.