February 5th, 2005

weather, weather2

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dude. it's sunny out there, and supposed to be 56 today. rawr. :) wonder if we can fit in a walk this afternoon.

i need to make a warm weather icon.
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    the French mandate on Syria and Lebanon

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i have a real, live, out of the house date scheduled with my boyfriend tonight. i'm excited. :)

of course, this means i need to put on some clothes instead of sitting around in a pair of boxers.
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    Five for Fighting - 100 years

date night

we caught a matinee of The Aviator (short version: very good, doesn't feel like an almost three hour movie, sucks you in well, lots of pretty people, main character who you don't want to like, but you do (at least if you're me), mental illness triggers (but not as bad as, say, A Beautiful Mind - i only got sniffly once, instead of the later fourth of the movie). after that, we were going to do Red Robin, since thanks to the wonderfulness of Ginger and Dan we have a gift card to there, but the wait was something like thirty-five minutes (not such a big deal) and it was wall-to-wall people (a much bigger deal). so we bagged on the Red Robin until a week night (oh, no, i have to go on another date with my boyfriend. oh. darn.) and ended up at Moe's, (warning: web page plays obnoxious music) for some pretty good chain burritos and chips (and i ate for 2.50, which i can't do at even Wendy's. i think we'll be headed back) and then B&N for some browsing and some coffee. also, i had a gift certificate from Christmas, and used it to obtain a Scrabble set, finally.

all in all, it was a lovely date night. now it's time to head to bed with a book. and NOT a book on Islam in Saudi Arabia, the French Mandate in Syria, or any of the other fun topics that slurped up the rest of my day.