January 21st, 2005

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it is extremely gratifying to listen to a teacher talk about how most of us got Bs on our first paper, and that's ok, and open mine, and see an A+. it makes me lick my wounds a little less over that practice GRE i took last night (890. 8-freaking-90.)

there's a bus i could catch that would get me to campus right on time (i'd have to trot to class), but i've been working on that whole being on time to class thing (being consistently late was one of my many sins the first time around. not showing up and sleeping through class were right up there) so i've been catching the bus before. after walking home from class the other day, it dawned on me that i could probably walk to class just about as quickly as take the bus (since the Varsity bus goes over hither, thither, and yon.) so i did this morning. i can get from my door to Broughton in 35 minutes. so i think i'll do that most mornings that it's not pissing rain, and get even more exercise in.

speaking of, i went to the gym after class. now i'm home eating broccoli (and other stuff) for lunch. and i've had a ton of water already today. now if i can just keep it up...