January 20th, 2005

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today has really been kind of a wash. my first class was cancelled, though i didn't find out until after i got to campus. doh. it's a pity, too, because that's my favorite class. i worked on some reading, though in retrospect, i really wish i had headed over to the gym. in my second class, something like half the class showed, and we ended up getting out 20 minutes early, which makes for not quite enough time to get to the gym during this break. so i'm back to reading. i've been actively hoping that my 105 class is cancelled, since i didn't sleep well and i'm not in the mood to listen to him ramble and mutter at himself in Arabic, but it's not going to get cancelled, so ohwell. i'm going to go home after class and take a nice nap, and try to knock out some homework so i'm not doing it all this weekend. i don't have things due on Friday, but i do have hefty reading summaries due on Mondays and Tuesdays.

i need to go yell at someone about my transfer credits next week. and about the fact that my foreign language requirement isn't showing as filled, even though my advisor said she was going to fix that ages ago. i know the transfer credits will work itself out, but the foreign language thing is making me twitchy, since i don't have that many semesters between now and graduation, and a foreign language issue could hold that up.
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rare completely vain moment

i have suddenly, in the last week or two, developed really great hair. i get up in the morning, run a comb through it, and it falls into place. i wear a hat to school, take the hat off, run my fingers through my hair, and it falls into place. i go to exercise, my ponytail holder breaks halfway through my workout, and i don't care, because it's not falling in my face. and, as a bonus, it looks really cute. i've never worn my hair down this much. i'm even mostly happy with the color, though i have been contemplating dying it again. though i'm not sure i want to do that, since i don't want to change anything about it at all.

seriously. i can't remember when the last time was that i was this happy with my hair.

okay. all done now. :)

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