January 18th, 2005

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weather.com says 16 degrees, feels like 6. sheesh. i know some of y'all live where it's getting a hell of a lot colder than that, but still, that's pretty cold. at least it's not snowing. :)

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today, I:

- had to deal with a surly postage clerk. meh.
- was glad i was paying attention crossing Hillsborough, since the person who was making a left across my right of way sure wasn't.
- got stuck in an elevator.
- had class. classes good. my religion and politics class continues to be nerdvana. social research methods is not bad. the Islam class comes and goes, depending on how much the professor drifts off into muttering at himself in Arabic.
- had my annual gyn appointment. wheeefuckingfun. we couldn't find your chart when we tried to pull it. i used to be here a long time ago. it's probably archived. [and why in the hell didn't you people think of that?] that shouldn't be it... hohum, it should be here somewhere ... okay, fine, we'll call medical records. you do that. okay, medical records will send that up. it was archived. duh.

tired now.