January 16th, 2005

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220 pags of Islamic history and theory in one afternoon is too much.
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one of the new year's resolutions was to make one new recipe a month. well, we've made three and a half this week, so... :)

Monday night it was a recipe off the back of a box - chicken "breaded" in instant potato flakes and parmaeson. it wasn't bad, but probably would have been better with the use of whole chicken bits, as the recipe said to do, so that it woud have baked longer. we had tenderloins on hand, so that's what we used, and while the coating was tasty, it wasn't crispy.

Wednesday night, we did a pot roast, but used a turkey breast instead of beef (hence, the half). it was really tasty - not as rich as the beef roast, but a very very nice change.

Friday night we used this recipe for homemade mac and cheese. it was pretty good - a little bland, since mild cheddar is what we had on hand - but pretty tasty.

we made potato and cheese soup in the crockpot tonight. it had a good flavor, but wasn't creamy enough (i thought) and the cheese melted kind of funny. worth playing with, at least.

today has mostly been spent reinstalling my computer - we put XP on it, finally - and doing homework. i got to talk to my younger sister for awhile this morning, which i hardly ever get to do, and Keefy for a good long time, so that was nice. :)
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