January 8th, 2005

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since we were out running errands anyhow, we went ahead and stopped by the campus bookstore (store number 3, for anyone who's counting) (which i know is actually noone, but whatever :) ) to get the last of my books that no one else had had (for some reason, the off campus bookstores had less than half the books for my religion classes). we were out and about anyhow, and this would keep me from having to deal with the lines Monday, right?

except, the bookstore didn't have one of the books i needed (no one else had, for that matter) and the computer system was down, so they couldn't tell me when they were getting more. since i already had the rest of them pulled, i decided to go ahead and get those, so that monday or tuesday i'd just have to duck in, grab that one, and go.

so we get to the front of the line and the chick tells us the card machines are done. and today was the one time recently that i didn't have my checkbook on me. feh.

so we want up to Hillsborough, where there's a BOA atm, get cash, and wander back. and guess what? the credit card machines are up again. thank you, Murphy. :)

i'm just ready for it to be Monday already.

it's a crazy gloomy day out there, and i think plans are to hole up, make some coffee, finish a movie we started last night, and in general, be lazy. :)

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i've gotten ribs to work for the first time in my knitting career. yea, i've been knitting something like two years now, and haven't ever gotten ribs to look right. no, i have no idea what i've been doing wrong. i'm going to sit here and oogle my five inches of scarf now. :)