December 25th, 2004

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... of course, the best Christmas present was getting to wake up with Jeff this morning. :)

Merry Christmas folks, those of you who celebrate Christmas in some way. Merry Hannukah, Kwanza, Yule, or Generic Winter Holiday to the rest of you. :)

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my dad got broadband recently, and the modem is also a combo wireless router, so they didn't have to string cables all over the house. no more modem when i'm at my parents! :)

we're having a fantastic Christmas. we got to my parents about 930, and did presents and loot (and oh, my, was this a looterific Christmas). we've done the big lunch at my great-aunts, and then Hope handed us her car keys and told us we could take off if we wanted. it was great to see everyone, but so. many. people. so Jeff and Faith and i packed up and headed out. Jeff and i are playing on our computers and mom and Faith are napping, which suddenly doesn't seem like a bad idea. the invasion will start soon, and then there will be a ton of people packed in the house (20, since one of my cousins and his girlfriend didn't make it) and right now, i'm grateful for the quiet.
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