December 21st, 2004

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we ran some minor errands this afternoon, and did some talking about the best way to acquire/create the 82023423 gazillion board feet of shelves that we need, but didn't procure any actual materials. somewhere in there, we should have stopped running errands and come home, since Jeff's knee started bugging him, but we didn't. we tried on beds for a bit - and found one that we think we might both be able to live with, but want to do more looking, this being a major purchase and all - and then eventually wandered home. where Jeff's knee promptly started being a real bitch. a couple of phone calls later, movie night got shuffled to our house (thank you, guys :) ). we did pizza from Gumby's and watched Cophenhagen. my comment was that it made my head hurt less than Magnolia. i'm not sure that says anything, but i liked it and want to see it again.