December 1st, 2004

public service announcement

i've been really forgetful about changing my away message lately. an away message of "work" at 2am is not necessarily indicative of the truth. :) an away message doesn't necessarily mean i'm away, either. if you need something, ping me, and if i'm around, i'll answer. if i don't answer, i'm not around.

for now, though, that away message is accurate... *zoom*
food, cooking

(no subject)

have i talked about the extraordinarily good dinner he made us last night? no? there was a turkey salad that he'd had at QFC a couple times, and thought it might be good to make, so he just threw it together. turkey breast, cashews, grapes, a yogurt sauce. and it was damned, damned good.

this has been a good food week. chicken soup, the turkey salad, hot roast beef and parmaeson sandwiches tonight. there's crock pot honey mustard chicken scheduled tomorrow, and chicken sausage pizza friday. mmm. :)

(no subject)

that whole thing with the United Church of Christ? my brain has been reading UUC, or the Unitarians, all day. maybe because i don't expect behavior like this out of anyone but the Unitarians. does anyone else know if there's another major Protestant sect that says they welcome folks regardless of sexual orientation? i could do some looking - and i will this weekend - but well, now, i need to sleep.