November 21st, 2004

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yesterday entailed eggs on english muffins for breakfast, a trip to the Habitat for Humanity Reuse Center, where we drooled over the various and sundry house bits and contemplated a chair that we ended up not getting; Target for minor appliance shopping; and Crabtree for Crate and Barrell. Crabtree on Saturdays is a zoo. you'd think i'd know this, but i didn't realize just how crazy it was going to be.

we got home and did some organization (the kitchen is starting to look like a kitchen, though we don't have nearly enough closet space) and worked on the office some (there is, in fact, an office floor under there. who'd've thought?) and unpacked a couple more boxes and did some reading and ate some chicken terriyaki for dinner and watched a Star Trek episode and passed out.

Jeff's making ravioli for lunch. :) today has been deliciously lazy, save for the metric ton of laundry we just did. it's going to stay that way too, other than a possible trip to the library sometime this afternoon. it's awfully nice, since the next couple of weeks are going to be pretty hectic. a good hectic, but still.
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i'm looking for a stuffing recipe with no meat, no meat broth, no onions, no celery (celery is evil), no mushrooms, and no other vegetables for that matter. i'm surprised that hasn't spit up at me yet. heh. i may end up making this one up.

edit: ahha. never mind. i win. :)