November 20th, 2004


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last night, we got a little tipsy, ate frozen pizza, watched some more Next Gen, and watched the first half of the original Italian Job before deciding that it was crazy slow and that we didn't feel like finishing it right then.

this morning, there's been coffee and a lot of water and an econ quiz. today is scheduled to be very domestic.

have i mentioned how much i like this whole on-site boyfriend thing? i have? well, good. :)
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you know, i'm being all good and proactive and responsible and stuff, and (finally) getting renter's insurance, and for some bob unknown reason, you can't buy renter's insurance online through State Farm in this state. hrmph. i don't want to actually have to deal with a human being...
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hey, rhiannnonstone - once upon a time in Utah, Dan made us roasted potatoes with rosemary and i'm not sure what else. it seems like there was some sort of coating, and the end result was vaguely sweet and very good. since you tend to compulsively collect recipes, any idea what i'm talking about and what went into it? :)


i've just been reminded that sleeping arrangements at my grandmother's house (where we're going for thanksgiving) are less than optimal (basement, concrete floor). anyone local have an air mattress (or two, since the powers that be are likely to get grumpy if we just bring one) (though, i have to admit, that's really, really tempting) that we could borrow next weekend?