October 29th, 2004

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tonight we celebrated Jeni's birthday. there was Red Robin for dinner (even though i was so excited about them opening, i hadn't gotten around to eating there until tonight, since i'd never gotten around to telling anyone with transport that we should go.) dinner was damned good, as was the conversation. i got to talk to auryn29a for quite awhile, which was nice since i hadn't seen him in a good long time. he and Jeni's friend Alan and i poked around the edges of religion and schooling and such, and talked to Huxley's parents a bit, and neglected the other end of the table, but 13 people is a lot of folks to try to talk to at one time.

anyhow, part of the group left after dinner, and the rest of us went and saw The Grudge, which was a hell of a lot scarier than The Ring, i thought. our group was more than half of the folks in the theater, so me squealing like a little girl wasn't much of an issue. i watched that movie through my fingers, for the most part.

afterwards, Alan was a doll and gave me a ride home before going and picking up his roommate. i really need to put myself to bed, though i'm not much in the mood too. oh well. tomorrow night is weekend. and soon (very soon) i'll have someone to go to bed with... in the meantime, maybe i'll sleep with the lights on tonight, though.
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it was a good night. i worked at both jobs today (not so yay) and Hope picked me up from work (yay). We called Tonya and George and ended up going to Ruby Tuesdays for dinner - queso dip, brocholi and cheese soup, and chocolate tall cake. we played a game of spades, which George and i narrowly won, and then Hope and i trucked home.

i was going to work on school discussion boards for a bit, but i'm the only one in my econ group who's commmented on this week's topic. the discussion closes tomorrow. i can go comment on other groups, but it's a bit discouraging. i reckon i'll work on anthro a bit, and then this little snowflake needs some sleep in a very bad way.
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