October 8th, 2004

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i finally finished The Dark Tower this morning. (i gave up yesterday and hauled it in on the bus with me, or else it would have been another week to finish it.) sitting on the Mall in the sun after i got off the bus seemed the best way to finish the last few pages.

all i have to say right now is, i've read that there are folks complaining about the ending (and apparently King anticipated that, since he says in the afterwards not to write him and bitch about the ending :) ) and i don't get it. i really don't see how else he could have ended it.

holy wow. i think i need something light and fluffy now, though.

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nolly arrived safely from the airport, and even found the place on the first try (being a merge and two right turns from the airport is handy.) she'd mentioned wanting Chik-fil-a, and since they're closed on Sundays and we're likely to be busy all day tomorrow, off we went. afterwards, we wandered around in AC Moore and Linens and Things for awhile, petting the pretties, then came home. we got one of the futon mattresses put out in the living room for her. i got my anthro reading and quiz done, woot.

there should be sleep soon, because apparently she didn't get much sleep last night, and i'm just tired, and tomorrow's going to be a long day, running around Durham seeing folks that, in some cases, i haven't seen in about ten years. should be interesting.
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