September 30th, 2004

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i am rediculously, horribly tired. zombie girl is threatening to rear her ugly head. which is dumb, because i got something like six.five decent hours of sleep last night, only waking up once. i was yawning uncontrollably through the day. it's nuts.

i need to pack, and do homework, and do more dishes so i don't come home to a completely skanky house on Sunday. but i have just about the energy to sit here and AIM at the Jeff and the Ginger...
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it amuses me that i have the same amount of baggage for a weekend at home as i did for a week and a half in Seattle. of course, i wasn't taking textbooks to Seattle. or board games.

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i realized that the next time i'm home after this, i'll have Jeff with me. squeee. every SO i've ever had in NC has met the parents and the sisters, so it isn't a huge deal... but then again, it is.

i'm also not hauling home the doorstop this weekend. i'll never read my homework if i do. and it's just too damned heavy to be hauling around, anyhow. even though i'm about 300 pages from the end and want to find out what happens...

p.s dear self: pay rent in the morning.
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