September 28th, 2004

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woke up an hour or so ago when the rain kicked in, because i had my windows open. reached up and closed them and listened to rain for awhile, half awake. then it was "shit, is that a siren? yea, that's a siren. shit." check WRAL - and yea, there's tornados been spotted around lake wheeler, headed for garner, west Raleigh, and downtown, the warning says. i don't like that all you can do is sit and wait.

things seem to be all right - the warning's expired, and it's quiet out - but i'm not sure i want to curl up and go back to sleep again. hope everyone around here is allright.
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i got back to sleep about 630. whee. stupid weather.

went to work. went to the library and the store. talked to my mom on the walk. came home. need to do homework. might take a nap first. :) eventually, i'll find the energy for complete sentences again.
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school2, school

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spring TRACS books are online. woot. :)

one of my stated goals for this coming semester was not to have class in Harrelson. i lose.
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