September 10th, 2004

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dinner was at Bali Hai and dessert was at Edible Arts with Amber, whom i'd not hung out with in way too long. dinner was good (and i have leftovers, num), dessert was wonderful, and the conversation was good, even if both of us were dead tired. so now i'm home in my pjs, making a pot of tea and talking to my Jeff.

i finally finished this, which has sucked up most of my reading time for the last three weeks. it was worth it, but now i feel the need for light and fluffy to clear my brain. unfortunately, all i have out of the library is King Arthur fiction that does not look at all light and fluffy, another alternative history novel, and a horror novel about a possessed house. that'll probably end up being what i start next. unless i dig up something of my own that i want to reread.

i'm tired. i was at work til crazy long today, for a friday. i'd love a nap, but that would be dumb, this late in the evening.
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