August 31st, 2004

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- i'm down two textbooks purchased, and have two more to buy. unfortunately, the two left are the expensive ones. i'm stalking them on ebay, but not holding out a whole lot of hope; one of them, with 20 hours left in the auction, is within 10 dollars of what i would pay for a used one on Amazon, and will go up before the auction is over. yea. and i don't have the patience to sit here and stalk Amazon auctions to save five bucks. so i'll probably just give in and order the other two from whoever's offering them (slightly cheaper than the school) used online after i get paid Thursday.
- i managed to leave the library today without checking out any new materials. this is because i already have to damned many books in queue. three of my favorite authors have new books out, so if they'd been lurking on the new book shelves, i might have lost my resolve. :)
- Jessie and Tonya came over tonight. knitting and chatting, as always. it was nice. i sorted yarn, made a teeny bag as a prototype and for my use, and started a scarf. we also discovered that it is not that difficult to haul the futon into the living room for seating.
- i have more bookshelves. thank you, special_agent_m. :)
- i really should get to bed.
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