August 16th, 2004


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so, i went and ate a pile of mongolian bbq with Dwaine and Heather. it was my first Crazy Fire experience, and it was num. :) afterwards, they mentioned that they needed to run by wal-mart for a couple errands. i asked if they minded if i did some errandage, and so we ran around wal-mart picking up all the random stuff that i needed with jeni moving out. like juice pitchers. and a shower curtain, and trash cans, and that kind of mess. i managed almost everything off my list (and then some) without actually having the list, which was doing pretty well. we ran by their house to say hi to the kitties and i ended up with their old toaster oven (rock. thanks, guys. :) ) and then they ran me home. where nothing is going to get put away, because i was up at quarter of six this morning, and i'm tired. it's time to talk to the boy for a bit, then fall over.
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