August 14th, 2004


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so, the heavy moving of Jeni happened tonight, to try to beat whatever weather might be rolling in tomorrow. we got some stuff loaded up in the car and went over to chapel hill to pick up a friend of hers who was helping (thankfully), went over to their new place, unloaded, and waited on Huxley's folks. by the time they got there and we got them unloaded and pulled out back towards Raleigh, it was 11:00. wheee.

we called Tonya and told her that while we really appreciated her and George's offer to come help, they probably didn't want to come move furniture at 11:00 at night, and they agreed. the crew just left with the load of Jeni's big furniture and the animals and such. my neighbors probably hate us. but at least the heavy stuff is taken care of.

the apartment isn't as empty as it could be - there's still lots of little stuff - but it's getting there. lots of changes coming up, the rest of this year.
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i'm itching to get a grip on the chaos. unfortunately, the chaos that isn't mine has to be moved before i can really deal with mine. ah well, it'll be dealt with by the end of the week. i hope.

one thing i can do is laundry, so i am. and putting away some clothes, though the clothes are changing closets, so i'm mostly waiting on that. the leasing office happened to be open, so my lease is signed, huzzah.
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