July 17th, 2004

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my eyes popped open at seven, and that was that; there wasn't any hope of me getting back to sleep. seven. freaking. am. on a saturday. i'm getting to be such an old lady.

as a corollary to that, at three in the damned morning, unless the house is burning down or GWB has just decided not to run for reelection, i just don't care, ok?

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after my inopportune waking this morning, i took my history midterm, which went better than expected (the prof doesn't have the auto-grading turned on for the multiple-choice, which is irksome) and straightened my room and did some more homework and played quite a bit of Ages of Empires. i got a shower and caught a bus to another bus and went to kimber's housewarming for a couple hours. her house is really cute, and it was good to see her and some other folks that i hadn't seen in awhile (in one case, in quite a long time). i eventually ran off to catch my bus because all i was doing was yawning. in the time while i was waiting on the bus, i stuck my head into A.C. Moore and got a ball of magic stripes and dpns (arlydwycka was going to loan me dpns, but i'll need my own eventually, so...) so i can try to make socks.

i got home and found my financial aid check in the mail (woot) and made some red curry for dinner, which turned out damned well - not perfect, but well. it definitely is quelling the craving. i love red curry with the passion of seven suns. :) however, i overspiced it, past my normal wimpy levels. it's still tasty. :)

sitting out on the sidewalk out on Capital waiting for the bus, with the window starting to pick up and blowing my hair around and drinking my strawberry water and watching the traffic, i felt horribly alive. it was a good feeling.
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