July 16th, 2004


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today: job number one for awhile, and then job number two for awhile - i'm doing extra stuff for the marketing end of the firm, which is nice, since that'll be extra money. i walked over to the transit center and caught a bus out to Cary, and holed up for awhile in Caribou and made myself study for that damned history test. eventually, i walked up the road to hap's birthday dinner. the food was really good and the company was good too - i hadn't seen them in way too long (i'm still not quite sure where July came from). wilee was there too, which was nice too. :) they gave me a ride home afterwards (thanks guys :) ) and now i'm here, drinking some tea and being sleepy joyce. i'd pondered doing my history test tonight to get it overwith, but that's so not happening...
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