July 6th, 2004

food, cooking

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tuna fish on oat nut bread for dinner. so tasty. i may just have live on tuna sandwiches between when Jeni moves out and he-who-doesn't-eat-fish moves out here.

i want another half a sandwich. if i do that, though, there won't be enough to make a whole sandwich for lunch tomorrow. (it's amazing what i wibble about when i'm avoiding homework.)

i think this weekend calls for a stocking up on tuna. fruit, too, we're down to a couple oranges. and i should slice up some more cucumbers for breakfast tomorrow.

meantime, i really should stop babbling about food and do homework.
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dear self:

call the board of elections tomorrow and ask why it's been over two months (april 27th) since you registered to vote and you don't have your voter registration card yet.

love, yourself
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