July 5th, 2004


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my sisters got here safely this morning, after some frantic cleaning by me and after Hope managing to take the wrong option on the beltline, again. i told her to just take Wade in next time; we'll see if she does. :) we went and ran around Triangle Town Center for awhile, doing some window shopping and getting some exercise of sorts in in the AC. there was food court Japanese for lunch and starbucks for them and a minor chocolate store incident. :) then we came home, played a couple rounds of Settlers, and then they took off for home.

i need to do more homework, and i should do laundry, though i think it may very well wait until tomorrow night. it was great to see my sisters. :)

... also, my dad sent down a whole ton of produce from him garden for me. :) which is really really spiffy, but does anyone have suggestions on what to do with about 8 cucumbers? i'm going to dice one up with some balsamic for snacks tomorrow and this week, but other than that, i'm at a loss.
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