July 3rd, 2004


i got my psych post done, and got some reading done and some notes made. the psych class is more work, but it's also easier to stay engaged in, because i've got something due pretty well perpetually. it's a lot easier to ignore history when the total of the work is reading and a couple posts a week.

... unfortunately, it's a lot of reading. i have about 100 pages of text i need to read before the end of the weekend. i got some of it done, before it successfully started to put me to sleep.

our history prof posted the midterm study guide. it's closed book, which is ok, that was something i was bitching about needing to get used to the other day. but he posted all of the questions. =p he posted 78 questions and choices, of which he'll pick 40. guess who's looking up all the answers to the questions and making notecards? :) i'm not going to learn much that way, but i don't care. with this class, i just want to pick up my credits and move on.

i need to get to sleep soon, i'm starting to approach brain dead.
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[insert loud crashing noise here]
well, balls, that doesn't sound good.

so i wander out to the kitchen... the plastic piece that keeps the food bowls in the bird cage has escaped (how? who knows. maybe the cat managed it in the his quest for a little birdie snack.) so one of the birds thought it would be great fun to push the bowl out onto the floor.

so i'm in the process of standing at the sink, looking at the bird food all over the floor, and aiming a few choice words at the bird, when he calmly waddles over to the other bowl and pushes it out.

i think they're smarter than i give them credit for.
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school2, school

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my history book puts me to sleep every time i pick it up. this morning, i was starting to fall asleep sitting on the tables in the laundry room. just now i made the mistake of trying to read in the papasan chair. (dumb, i know.) we're going to see if trying one of the dining room chairs does any good.

on the plus side, i'm making cookies. :)
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